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Ancient Libraries and the Ordering of the Biblical Books (1989)
Author: Nahum M. Sarna
Description: 22 p. Viewpoint No. 25. A lecture presented at the Library of Congress on March 6, 1989, by biblical scholar Nahum M. Sarna, Dora Golding Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Brandeis University.
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Book Collectors of Stanford: An Eclectic Eight Who Shaped the Stanford University Libraries (1991)
John Y. Cole
Description: 79 p. Essays about the most important book collectors who donated to Stanford University during its first fifty years, 1891-1941. The collectors are: Jane and Leland Stanford, Timothy Hopkins, David Starr Jordan, Thomas Welton Stanford, John Casper Branner, Herbert Hoover, Kate Felton Elkins, and Frederick E. Brasch. An appendix includes a list of 18 notable donors between 1891 and 1991, and a selection of private gifts donated to 17 other California libraries and research centers. Published by the California State Library Foundation. Introduction by David C. Weber.
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Capital Libraries and Librarians: A Brief History of the District of Columbia Library Association, 1894-1994 (1994)
John Y. Cole
Description: 76 p. An illustrated overview of the history of the District of Columbia Library Association, published in celebration of its centenary.
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Libraries, Citizens & Advocacy: The Lasting Effects for Two White House Conferences on Library and Information Services (2004)
Virginia H. Mathews
Description: 20 p. An assessment of the outcomes of the 1970 and 1991 White House conferences on libraries and information services.
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Libraries & Culture: Historical Essays Honoring the Legacy of Donald G. Davis, Jr. (2005)
Edited by Cheryl Knott Malone, Hermina G.B. Anghelescu, and John Mark Tucker
Description: 294 p. 16 scholarly articles published by the Library of Congress in association with the University of Texas Press, written by distinguished library historians in honor of Donald G. Davis, Jr., the editor of “Libraries & Culture: A Journal of Library History” from 1977 to 2005.
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Libraries and Scholarly Communication in the United States: The Historical Dimension (1990)
Edited by Phyllis Dain and John Y. Cole
Description: 148 p. Papers by six scholars presented at a Library of Congress symposium co-sponsored with the School of Library Service at Columbia University on October 29-31, 1987, published by Greenwood Press.
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Library History Research in America: Essays Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Library History Round Table (2000)
Edited by Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr.
Description: 279 p. 16 scholarly papers presented at a symposium at the Library of Congress on June 27, 1998, moderated by Donald G. Davis Jr. Foreword by John Y. Cole.
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Library History Seminar X Convenes (February 2001)
LCIB staff
Description: Article from LCIB issue 60.2 (p. 50-51) describing from a library history perspective the first two days of the Library of Congress Bicentennial symposium on October 23-27, 2000.
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On the History of Libraries and Scholarship (1980)
Ian Willison
Description: 25 p. Viewpoint No. 4. A Paper Presented Before the Library History Round Table of the American Library Association, June 26, 1979. Reprinted 1986.
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