Can you help rescue these storybook characters? Play “Readers to the Rescue,” a visual mad-lib set inside a library inhabited by a cast of storybook characters, among them Pinocchio, Humpty-Dumpty and Sleeping Beauty. Your reward? As many as 36 unique animated short films and access to 36 books that you can read online for free!

“Readers to the Rescue” is a collaborative project of the Library of Congress, Brigham Young University and the Ad Council.


Winners: Letters About Literature

“Dear L. M. Montgomery,
One of the greatest influences from books I've read this year came from your book Anne of Green Gables. Anne's knack for turning ordinary things into extra ordinary things caught my eye. She is clever, fun-loving, creative, determined and occasionally a little bit absentminded. All of these qualities remind me of me and helped me realize that a little bit of romance, or imagination should always be a part of all of us, and can brighten up many an unpleasant day....

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