Letters About Literature


  1. Find your state’s entry form by selecting your state from the drop-down menu on read.gov/letters, or navigate directly to lettersaboutliterature.submittable.com/submit and choose your state’s entry form.
  2. On lettersaboutliterature.submittable.com/submit, click the Submit button next to your state. Once you have selected your state’s entry form, scroll down and click Create your account / Have an account? Sign in.
  3. If you don’t have a Submittable account, create a free account by filling out the Create your account form. Click the Create Account and Continue button to continue with the Letters About Literature submission process.
  4. Read the full submission instructions, including the 2018-19 Letters about Literature official rules, before you submit your classroom entries.
  5. Enter your school address and work contact information. Please enter your school name without any abbreviations in “Address Line 1.” Click Save Address and Continue.
  6. On the submission page, under “Who is submitting this form?”, choose “a teacher.”
  7. For each student, complete all required fields for submission, upload or type the student’s letter entry, and click Submit. You will need to complete this process for each student’s letter.
    • If any of your students are under 13 before November 1, 2018, you will be prompted to pause, save your progress, and upload a scanned pdf or image of a hand-signed parent permission form. This form is required for all students under 13. We recommend collecting signed permission forms prior to beginning the submission process.
  8. After a successful submission, you will be redirected to the beginning of the form. To submit another entry, simply scroll down and click Save Address and Continue. Please do not edit the address fields—these are saved to your account and will be autocompleted for every entry. Complete the rest of the form for each student’s entry.
  9. You will receive an email confirmation for each classroom entry you submit. You may view and track the status of all your completed and in progress submissions under “My Submissions.” If necessary, select a submission from this menu and click Edit to request permission to update an entry.
  10. Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your classroom letters to the 2018-19 Letters About Literature contest.

Alternate classroom submission process: Teachers with older students and a computer lab may prefer to have each student create their own Submittable account and submit their entry themselves. When completing the online entry form, these students should select that “a student” is completing the form with “teacher assistance” and enter their school name and your email address in the fields that appear.

Important note: We do not recommend that teachers create an account and have all their students log in and submit using the teacher’s account. In order to submit entries at the same time, students must be logged in to separate accounts. If you submit all the entries with the same account, you must complete the form and submit an entry before beginning to submit the next entry.

For further submission details or questions, please consult the FAQ.

Video Guides

Help your students write letters and participate in Letters About Literature by using our video series for students. Watch here

A video walkthrough of the online submission process for students, teachers and parents is embedded in the instructions section of each online submission form and is also available at this link: https://youtu.be/DEjkwyfTPY4.

Teaching Guide

The Letters About Literature Teaching Guide provides activities teachers can use to guide their students through the book discussion and letter-writing process. The guide addresses the LAL teaching strategies and ways in which the program can dovetail with curriculum for teaching reading and writing. Also included are worksheets for duplication and assessment checklists.

Teacher Guide to Letters About Literature

Certificates for Your Students

We are pleased to offer you the ability to print or download certificates of completion for your students for their Letters About Literature submission. Start here

Dear Rick Riordan:

...Nico’s struggle with accepting himself really resonated with me, and still does to this day. The first time I read it, I was probably twelve, and going through a struggle of my own. Like Nico, I was trying to navigate my own sexual orientation, and I was having trouble coming to grips with it. But when I saw I wasn’t alone in this, and that it was okay to feel how I felt, I really started to both accept myself and be proud of who I was. You never know how helpful it is to see someone going through the same things you are, even if it’s in a book...

Baxter Lowrimore
Austin, Texas
2018 National Honor Award Winner – Level 2